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Editing My Performance Property’s Information

Most editing on the website is limited for participating water managers. Meters, meter readings, domestic usage allowance, adding/deleting square footage is not editable. These types of edits must be done by a website administrator. Editing power to program participants may compromise the program’s integrity and therefore must be done by a website administrator.

However, the upper page toolbar on the METER READING page has an option called EDIT. This allows you to edit the SITE ADDRESS, SCHEDULE METHOD, SITE TYPE, SPRINKLER AGE, SITE WATER DISTRICT and EFFECTIVE RAINFALL METHOD.

At any time you feel that a change of landscaped area, sprinkler system precise age, or a residential site’s domestic usage needs to be increased or change it can significantly affect your irrigation budget. Ultimately, all irrigation budgets must be edited by a Program Administrator.

The RE-CALCULATE BUDGET feature allows an administrator at any time to make site changes and re-calculate your site’s irrigation budget. When deemed necessary a Program administrator can adjust your irrigation budget.

For example: Your residential site gains inhabitants or becomes unoccupied, your domestic usage must be adjusted accordingly to reflect that change.