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Adding/Changing A Meter On My Performance Program Property

In some cases, it may be necessary to add an additional meter to your site to monitor larger areas. In the event you must add a meter to your performance property, simply go to your site’s meter reading page.

In the toolbar on the top of the sheet, click on “ADD METER”.

You will be asked to enter the meter’s:

  • SERIAL NUMBER (for your records, or for verification purposes in the event you are asked for documentation or proof of meter readings)
  • INITIAL READING (meter’s first reading of the initial month)
  • INITIAL MONTH (meter’s initial month of initial reading)
  • Description (helps identify which meter; For example “FRONT STREET METER” or “SOUTHWEST METER” etc.)
  • METER UOM (meter’s unit of measurement, HCF, Gallons, etc.) METER TYPE (whether meter is a dedicated meter or if it is mixed usage meter, etc. If it is a mixed usage meter, it will ask for number of residents actively using water per day. REMEMBER, domestic usage= 70 Gallons per day per person)

For commercial sites, apartments, and condominiums with a mixed usage meter, you will have to determine the non-irrigation usage by actual test. Refer to the “Mixed Usage Meter” file that can be downloaded from the “Supplemental Files” in the Study Guide for instructions.

Once you have successfully added a new meter, you will return to the METER READING page and be given a message that your meter has been added as well as see a blank entry for your new meter in the meter’s first month following the meter’s initial month.